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The town

Scorcio del centro abitato



Lying on a hillside protected from the west by three hills called San Giuseppe, San Pietro and San Paolo, Padria is placed in the most south-western part of the geographical region of Logudoro-Meilogu, in a fertile territory crossed by the river Temo and its tributaries and dominated by Monte Minerva, the massif with a trapezoidal profile.
The populated area preserves signs of a prestigious past in the churches and in the Civic Archaeological Museum in the old part of town.
Several noble buildings from the 1800's face its wide and spacious streets that often meet in small airy squares. In the old part of town, buildings of simple architecture have been embellished by decorated architraves and by particular construction solutions.



Vista del paese
Vista del paese dalla strada per Nuraghe Longu
Vista del paese con al centro il colle di San Pietro
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