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Archaeological museum

Il museo archeologico - esterno


A rich collection that have been realized during excavation campaigns, donations and surface collections in several parts of the territory have constituted the propulsive nucleus for the constitution of the museum. As place of exhibition the former "wheat mountain" was chosen, in a central position, next to the church of Santa Giulia.

A section is entirely dedicated to the terracotta of the votive crowds of San Giuseppe. The exhibition include evidences from the excavations in the church of Santa Giulia, follows a chronological and topographical criteria. The tour of the museum has an articulated didactic support.



Il museo archeologico - interno
Volto romano
Volti romani
Panoramica 360° del museo archeologico
Volto di giovinetto in terracotta (dal deposito votivo di San Giuseppe)
Testa femminile in terracotta
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