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The old town

Vista del centro storico dal colle di San Pietro


The old part of the town that goes from the slope of the three hills to the municipality square is placed on top of the ruins of an important Roman centre called Gurulis Vetus. The town plan recalls the one of the Roman city with streets meeting towards the hill of San Paolo that must have constituted the acropolis. Going through the old town you breath an air that has an ancient taste and most of all a taste of past memorable days.

The buildings of the nobility and of the rich middle-class families from the 1800's embellished by frames and architectonical partitures in trachyte and limestone, face houses of simple architecture in volcanic rock either uncovered or covered by rough plaster. Even in the most modest structures, there is no lack of construction solutions that without doubt are of particular interest, as for example the re-use of limestone architraves carved by the local "picapedras" (stone masons) with typical motifs from the Catalan school.


Piazza dei balli
Casa Castiglia
Casa signorile nella Piazza Regina Margherita
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